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Contact ALSDE
General Support Questions
If you have a program-related question or issue with ALSDE and cannot resolve it by reviewing the information found on each page's "Help" link or by reviewing the Document Library, please contact ALSDE by clicking on the "Contact ALSDE" link below.  Complete the information on the screen and click the "Send" button.
Contact ALSDE
Please note that sending your question to the support team mailbox will help ensure that it will be handled as soon as possible by the best available team member for the specific issue.
Technical Questions
1. If you are experiencing a technical issue within ALSDE, please review the browser requirements by clicking on the following link.
View Workstation Requirements
If your browser does not meet the minimum requirements defined, please click on one of the links provided at the bottom of the “Workstation Requirements” page that coordinate with the type of browser you’re using.
2. If you are experiencing a technical issue and are receiving an error message within ALSDE, please click on the “Contact ALSDE” link below and enter the following information.
    a. The error message and number you are receiving.
    b. Your operating system (e.g. Windows 98/2000, Mac OS/9, etc).
    c. Your web browser type (e.g. IE/Netscape) and version.
    d. Steps to reproduce the problem.
Contact ALSDE
Click the "Send" button once all information has been entered.