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eGAP Workstation Requirements  (7/9/2019)
Please note that eGAP is built on the latest features found in modern browsers. For an optimal experience, please use the most recent version of Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome when working in the eGAP system.
21st CCLC Continuation Award (Cohort 13)  (8/22/2019)
The FY20 21st CCLC Continuation eGAP Application for CURRENT Cohort 13 grantees is now open. The deadline for Cohort 13 Continuation eGAP Applications to be submitted is September 23, 2019. Please remember to change the year to 2020. The year will not default automatically until October 1, 2019. This announcement does not apply to applicants who submitted applications during the FY20 21st CCLC competition.
21st Century Continuation Awards (Cohort 13)  (8/28/2019)
All Cohort 13 grantees who submitted a new grant application for a present or new site during the FY20 21st CCLC Grant Competition will not be able to begin their Continuation Award eGAP Application until the completion of the FY20 competition. Please do not attempt to complete your continuation application at this time.
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